Winner Excellence in Business Ethics!

Excellence in Business Ethics
Impact Exhibitions + Events

Impact Exhibitions + Events are freelence contractors to the exhibition and event industries with over 27 years experience. Impact Exhibitions core values are hard work, respect, professionalism, honesty and transparency and they only deal with venue, subcontractors and suppliers that subscribe to these values. Over the previous 12 months they have demonstrated these values with the Norton Street Italian Festival. Previously suppliers had not been paid or been paid in full and therefore they were unwilling to deal with the Festival again. When Impact Exhibitions was awarded the contract to manage the festival, they personally guaranteed that each supplier would be paid.  The outcome is that the Festival is now a profitable event with over 100,000 visitors, 210 stallholders and Impact Exhibitions has been awarded a 3 year contract to manage the event.

What the award means
“This award has affirmed to us our core values of professionalism, hard work, honesty and transparency are appreciated by our peers. Furthermore, this demonstrates to our TAFE events and exhibition students that holding such values are a vehicle to success and credibility.”  Patrick O’Reilly